David Smart and Brian Watson

David was brought up with music, having a world famous organist for a father, namely Harold Smart of TV fame. Also, David’s grandfather was the renowned theatre organist Charles Smart.

From a music scholarship to singing with Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras and Dame Kiri Te Kanawa. From writing scores of successful tracks and jingles for TV ads, to creating some amazing singles for recording artists.

David lives music, often burning the midnight oil in the rooftop studio at his Richmond home most nights of the week. When not in London he’s composing in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, USA, where he spends a lot of his time.

Brian is a successful writer/director/author working in the advertising industry, he has worked for some of the biggest International agencies as Creative Director, with a seat on the board.

He has written comedy for many different artists. Brian also has a Guinness World Record, individually he has made more TV ads than anyone in the world.

Brian’s book, published in October 2011, ‘Black Jacks, Fruit Salads, Cricket Stumps On The Wall’, sold out pre-Christmas due to the many excellent reviews in the UK press.

The pair have worked together for many years, mainly on TV ads, and have written some wonderful romantic ballads and several very humorous novelty songs.

One of their songs, produced in 2011, tore apart the British justice system in the style of the 1960’s protest songs. So controversial was the video produced for the song, the media were afraid to show it. The song won 2 Global Music Awards.

Their pride and joy however, is ‘Diana the Musical’. From concept to stage design, from lyrics to music, it’s all their own work.

The pair have engaged the London Daily Mail’s ex Royal Correspondent and Diarist, Richard Kay to make sure the factual side of the show is just that, factual.

Richard having been a personal friend and confidant of the late Princess of Wales gives this spectacular show such an amazing insight into the woman who, even now is still the world’s favourite lady, thus giving the whole production such wonderful, and unique credentials.

Richard Kay

Richard Kay is a columnist and senior writer for the London Daily Mail. Since joining the paper in 1980 Richard has worked as a news reporter, foreign correspondent and feature writer.

For seventeen years he was the Daily Mail’s award-winning Royal Correspondent, reporting extensively on the Prince and Princess of Wales.

When Diana left her Royal marriage and became a global figure, it was to Kay that she confided and the two became close friends. One of the very last telephone calls Diana made on the day of her death in August 1997 was to Richard.

From 2003 to 2014 Richard was Diary Editor of the Daily Mail, writing an internationally respected daily column, widely regarded as the best, most well-informed social column in Fleet Street. Early in 2014 Richard took on the Senior

Post as the Daily Mail’s, Editor-At-Large.

Richard broadcasts widely and is a regular contributor on Royal matters for CBS, ABC & NBC in the USA, ABC in Australia, and the BBC, ITV & Channel 4 here in Britain. Richard is married with three children and lives in London.